Our new Starter Kit Bags will help you out if you’re not sure what equipment to buy before joining your class.  They contain everything you will need to get going and then when you need to replace items you’ll know what you’re looking for!

Our Watercolour Kit Bag contains:

  •  A pad of 140lb artist quality watercolour paper (more important than you may think!)
  •  A set of  synthetic watercolour brushes
  •  A set of quality watercolour paints
  •  A palette for mixing paints
  •  A painting board on which to work
  •  Gummed brown paper tape
  •  2 x water carriers
  •  An A4 sketchbook
  • A bottle of masking fluid
  •  Set of 7 graphite pencils – 2H – 8B
  •  A rubber
  •  Paper cleaning roll
  •  Sturdy carrying bag

Cost – £


Our Acrylics Kit Bag contains:

  • A pack of fifteen brushes.
  • 3 x primed  canvas boards
  • Table easel
  • Palette box
  • Stay wet palette pad
  • Dipper
  • Paints
  • Acrylic retarder
  • Water jar and wet brush dish
  • Paper cleaning  roll
  • Sturdy carrying bag