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The Answers You Need


How much are your classes?

Most of our clubs run for two hours per week at a cost of £149.00 per ten week term. The Ashford Carbonel club runs for two and a half hours per week and that club costs £185.00 per ten week term.

When you join us you'll get not only a discount card for 10% off your art supplies, but also access to our extensive online tutorials' library containing 46 tutorials on all aspects of art and painting.

Do your classes run all year?

The clubs run for ten weeks per term and three terms per year – Spring, Summer and Autumn

Spring term runs from January to March, the Summer term runs from April to June/July and the Autumn term runs from the middle of September  to November.

Do you take beginners?

Yes we love both beginners and more experienced artists. Whether you have never picked up a paintbrush before or you have been painting for years, our tutors are able to offer you guidance and support for starting or improving your painting skills. Our friendly and knowledgeable tutors will help you to enjoy and progress your paintings in whichever medium you choose to use.

I’m a bit nervous about coming to a class where I don’t know anyone

We know that it’s a bit daunting to walk into a room when you don’t know anyone, but don’t be put off by the prospect! Our welcoming and friendly tutors soon put everyone at their ease and your fellow painters are without exception delightful too! Everyone soon gets to know each other and you will feel relaxed very quickly.

I don’t know what materials to bring – can you help?

Yes absolutely – we can send you an equipment list for watercolour, oils, pastels, gouache, drawing or acrylics so that you can get the equipment you need before your first class. If you’re not sure what medium you want to paint in we are happy to have a chat about that and give you some advice as to where to start.

 Are your tutors professionals?

Yes all our tutors are professionals and are experienced artists in their own right.

Why do I have to pay in advance?

We need to know before each term starts that we have enough members to make the classes viable and we also need to pre-pay the venues, so we do have to ask you to pay for your term in advance please.

What happens if I can’t come to a class?

You are welcome to make up any missed classes at any time in any of the other venues so that you always get the number of classes you have paid for. If you miss a class towards the end of a term, you are welcome to roll it over to the following term and make it up then. The missed classes rolled over are in addition to the following term's classes so that you'll get a very art-filled term!

What will I learn during the term?

During the classes, your tutor will offer you support and guidance on how to start or improve your paintings. Even if you are a complete beginner you will find their friendly approach and help will give you confidence and start you off well on your first artwork. If you are a more experienced painter you will enjoy the advanced skills of our tutors to help you produce good quality paintings.

At each class your tutor will help you understand subjects such as composition and tone for instance, through to the more advanced elements of picture making in order to build up your knowledge of art. These essential building blocks will ensure that you have a firm foundation of the principles of art which will lead to better quality pictures as you acquire more skills.  Advice from your tutor can be reinforced and expanded on by referring to the online Tutorials' Library accessible only to members, where you can find 46 tutorials on all aspects of art to help you.

Twice a term your tutor will give you a presentation called The Story Behind the Painting. This is a chance to look in detail at a particular work of art, the artist’s life and the historical context of the painting. These popular sessions have been running for several years and will build up your art knowledge.

Is there anything else I need to know?

You might like to know that we periodically run excursions to galleries or places of interest and you are welcome to bring friends and family members to any of them. These are popular extras to the clubs and enable members to get to know each other in an informal way. You will get a newsletter to tell you about them during the year.

Please always feel free to get in touch if you have any problems or queries.

Our phone number is 07938 563716 or our email address is

And finally, if you encourage someone to sign up to a full term at one of the clubs we will be pleased to offer you two free classes as a ‘thank-you’! Let us know who you’re introducing and we shall arrange your discount.

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