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Reviews from our 
Club Members

Reviews from Club Members: Welcome

"I love our art classes.  They are relaxed, friendly, and provide a great opportunity to draw and learn from everyone in the class"

"Considering the wide variety of competence and skills in the group, I have never felt uncomfortable or 'not good enough' (even though I was not good at all) so thanks Kim and all the other painters "

"I have learned to much and created things I never thought I could do.  Art has done so much good for my mental health and has given me confidence in myself.  That's all down to Emma - what an amazing lady she is."

"Disappointed that it is over! Eloise is an amazing tutor".

"It's been good to have time to paint without constant interruption by the family!"

"Kim is superb and gives each participant her whole attention.  I would nevertheless appreciate some deeper criticism and why things haven't worked.  She is almost too nice!  She takes a lot of trouble."

"I have genuinely learned a lot, got a lot, and have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.  A delight to attend".

Reviews from Club Members: About Us
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